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Providing Support Through ...

The friendships we've made within the group are invaluable. What a blessing to find others who understand the daily life as an officer's wife!

We have many resources available to us within the Department and through other local and national agencies. You will have many opportunities to receive education and training to strengthen and enhance your marriage.

We are wives of all ages and all stages with varying degrees of Life Experience and CMPD Wife Experience. There's plenty of opportunity to give and take.

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DeAnn L.
Email: ingram0728@yahoo.com

 We are …

… the Hidden Partners®

The CMPD Wives Association is for women engaged or married to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Officers — active, retired or who have reached the “end of watch.”

As Police Wives we experience emotions that other wives don’t; we have fears that other wives don’t; we deal with shift changes and periods of single parenting and lonely holidays. Our husbands are often stressed and go through many changes stemming from their careers. It’s been said that police wives are the hidden partners and, whether we realize it or not in the beginning, those are big shoes to fill. Our husbands and their on-duty partners receive high quality training 5 days a week for 6 months. We fill our partner positions with little or no training and, often, very little support.

The CMPD Wives Association, launched in April 2007, was formed to offer educational seminars, workshops and various activities to empower us as hidden partners. Within is a large group of caring women who know the difficulties of growing happy families and successful marriages in spite of the added pressures of being a police wife. You may have heard the quote,”There’s no substitute for experience.” Let’s share our experience and encourage each other in our hidden partner roles. Let’s have some fun, as well! See the Activities section of our website for scheduled functions.

Our Website contains information and articles you may find helpful as well as an online forum where you can meet other CMPD wives and make friends. The site will be ever-changing and evolving, so visit often.

The CMPD Wives Association is a private organization with the right to set its own membership and leadership standards. Funds raised and net proceeds from items sold will go to pay for our workshops, seminars, retreats, meetings and to support our website and other operating costs.

You Are Not Alone! We’d love to get to know you! We hope you will join us, make new friends, and be encouraged by other women living “the life” of a police wife. Become a member, send us an e-mail or join us at one of our many activities. If you are out-of-state or out-of-the-area, you can become a virtual member and join us on our forum. You can make online friends and still be part of the group!

“Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.” ~ Unknown 

The CMPD Wives Association is a Member of the Hidden Partners Network